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Dear James,

I have one more workout remaining in my 12 week program that I have been following from your book "Weight Training Workouts and Diet Plan That Work" which I began on May 14. I have been faithful to the workouts as much as possible only varying exercises when equipment was unavailable. You have always been kind enough to respond to any queries I might have about substituting exercises. I thought you might be interested in knowing that I have lost 25 pounds since starting your program.

I have followed your low-carb weeks but otherwise have been monitoring my diet with a website called MyFoodDiary.com. On average, the workouts have taken me about 35-40 minutes. While I obviously do not look like Arnold or Stallone, I know that my body has changed for the better. I thank you.

~Don A. H.




Book I: Weight Training Workouts that Work

WORKS FOR: Beginner or you never get results from any diet and exercise program.

Book II: Weight Training Workouts that Work: Volume 2

WORKS FOR: Intermediate to Advanced. Use this 12 week program after Book I or you have weight training experience but want to lose even more fat and build lean-fit muscle.

Book III: Weight Training Workouts and diet plan that Work

WORKS FOR: Everyone. Beginner to Advanced. Complete day-by-day 12 week workout program and food menu. Includes the Super Fat-Melting Weeks that has helped 1000's finally lose all that unwanted weight forever!

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